We often get asked “What is HERBS?” HERBS is an acronym for “Health, Education and Research of Botanical Sciences,”  that just so happens to also be another word for cannabis.

Health, Education and Research of Botanical Sciences Ltd. (HERBS) is a premium Medical Cannabis producer and retailer, established in 2017, based out of Savanna-La-Mar in Westmoreland Parish of Jamaica.

HERBS’ objective is to take our product globally, by bringing natural treatment through medical cannabis, to people around the world. Furthermore, through these efforts, HERBS aims to established stable employment for locals and promote economical growth to the island.

HERBS is currently developing a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and tourist destination facility capable of producing to the highest quality standards.


“The greatest wealth is health” – Unknown.

No one should have to live with chronic pain or illness. Traditional medicine, although sometimes effective, can lead to more illness, harsh side effects and addiction.

We view the medicinal and nutraceutical properties of cannabis positively and life changing for those looking for alternatives to pharmaceuticals.


In the last decade, more and more information and understanding in regards to the healing properties of cannabis have become readily available. HERBS strives to use this information and make new discoveries to provide the highest quality in medicinal cannabis.

We also believe there are more properties to be discovered, not just relating to medicine but in paper, textiles, concrete, and more. As early leaders in the industry we seek to further expand what is known about cannabis.


Our goal is to educate the world about the benefits, properties and uses of cannabis. We aim to replace the negative stigma with a positive perception.

In The Works...

Currently 5 acres of cultivation space is nearing completion and additional 630+ acres are available allowing for extreme scalability due to the designation of agricultural zone equipped with canals, reservoirs, and access to one of Jamaica’s biggest rivers.

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