HERBS Receives Conditional Approval in Jamaica

HERBS Receives Conditional Approval in Jamaica

Conditional Approval for HERBS

Jamaica granted HERBS conditional approval to be one of very few companies to offer end to end medicinal cannabis.  This was granted by the Board of Jamaican Cannabis Licensing Authority also known as CLA.

HERBS is in the process of having a scalable state of the art operations based in Jamaica.  We believe Jamaica is considered to be the natural leader in the marijuana industry.  In turn, we expect to be a strong competitor on a global position.

A Major Impact

Around the world, marijuana is having a real impact in major markets.  The studies alone are shedding light on the effectiveness of cannabis in how it is helping many illnesses.  The changing of the legislation surrounding cannabis has lead to more research.  The more research being done means the more promise this has to being widely accepted and possibly made legal across the world.

Conditional approval also means we are having a positive role in the education of this herb.  Our facility that we are eagerly building will be over 200 square meters.  This will mean lower pricing due to being able to have greater efficiency.

The Jamaican government just recently legalized medicinal cannabis.  The government realized the potential for economic growth for their country.  Cannabis is becoming a real movement globally.  Jamaica did not want to miss out on this opportunity to grow financially.

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