International Cannabis Policy Conference In Vienna

International Cannabis Policy Conference In Vienna

HERBs Sponsoring Vienna Cannabis Policy Conference

HERBs CEO Anthony Bailey and others on the team will be in Vienna for the December 7-9th International Cannabis Policy Conference (ICPC).

More than 60 NGOs have helped organize the conference. HERBs is a Diamond level sponsor and CEO Anthony Bailey sees this event as helping to establish a sustainable, human vision of cannabis in our societies.

The conference attendees will include researchers, international community leaders, and international cannabis market leaders. ICPS speakers’ topics will include women and cannabis, cannabis and hemp as tools to combat climate change, future challenges of global cannabis markets and sustainable consumption and harm reduction.

The event is important because in March 2019 the UN will hold a session on drug policy to review of outdated regulations that continue to benefit criminals and hurt society. Descheduling of cannabis on an international level could result in many social, economic and environmental benefits. Advocates for medical and legal recreational cannabis advocates see this as an important step for human health but and sustainable development.

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