People With Psychosis Being Helped By Cannabis

People With Psychosis Being Helped By Cannabis

CBD Positive Evidence

People with psychosis have a disconnect from what is real and that they understand, hear or see things that are not really there.  Their reality is not normal.  There is now proof that cannabis can help people suffering from this condition.

Cannabis creates a compound known as cannabidiol or CBD for short and is non-intoxicating. This compound when taken, has shown evidence that helps people rein in their minds.  CBD is a non-intoxicating compound.

A New Study

King’s College London (KCL) conducted a new study that concluded just a single dose of CBD reduced abnormal function of the brain from people diagnosed with psychosis.  Jama Psychiatry journal released an article pertaining to KCL’s published research on August 29th, 2018.

KCL has a randomized clinical trial testing how CBD reacted with patients whom have psychosis.  What they found was amazing.  The drug impacted the patients’ psychotic condition by lowering the symptoms hence improving their functioning abilities and cognitive performance.  This occurred without having significant side effects as well.

The study has the evidence of it helping however, what they didn’t have was how or what made this occur.   In turn, their new research will fill in those blanks.

The Updated Study

The last study had a group of 52 volunteers enlisted.  Nineteen volunteers were the control group and the other 33 did not fave a formal diagnosis from a doctor but were having distressing psychosis symptoms.

One dose of CBD was given to 16 of the volunteers in pill form.  A placebo pill was given to the others.  All of the participants then went through and MRI so that the team could study their brains while.  While they were having the MRI, they had them participate in memory tasks.  These tasks made them use three areas of the brain that is associated with psychosis.

Abnormal activity in the brain was seen in the volunteers that were experiencing psychosis. However, the volunteers who had the symptoms, that activity was far less.  In turn, the research suggests then that CBD helped normalize brain activity in the psychosis related volunteers.

You can read the entire article here from Jama.


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