The Role of Medical Cannabis In Combating Jamaican Poverty

The Role of Medical Cannabis In Combating Jamaican Poverty

HERBS and Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation Brought Gifts and Hope to Kids at Bustamante Hospital

HERBS Commitment to Alleviating Poverty in Jamaica

At HERBS our mission is to help uplift local communities and bring economic growth to Jamaica. This is demonstrated in partnering with the Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation. Mrs. Holness, an East Rural St. Andrew Member of Parliament, motivational speaker, real estate owner and qualified chartered accountant, is known for fighting for Jamaica’s poor.

Mrs. Holness is the mother of Adam and Matthew and is a tireless advocate for children and families. Save Our Boys and Girls supports children ages 3-18 of Jamaican parentage or heritage living in the United States and Jamaica.


Save our Boys and Girls Works for the Most Vulnerable Jamaicans

Many Jamaican children are forced by poverty to leave school at a young age. Lacking in education and resources, they engage in negative behavior that contributes to a cycle of untapped potential. High rates of migration, partly due to social and economic conditions, have meant weaker family support systems. Often, the only parental support these children have is through cash, food, and clothing sent from overseas. Save Our Boys and Girls Foundation gives at-risk children hope for a better future.

The foundation operates in partnership with schools and children’s homes who select at-risk children for participation in a comprehensive, sustainable intervention program. The criteria for selection include poverty, homelessness, abuse, disability, involvement in gangs and other risk factors.

Highly accomplished professionals act as mentors, interacting with these children in structured activities and settings. Each participant has a profile, including key demographic information, with personalized goals and interventions. Partnership with family members and community stakeholders ensure these personalized goals are met.

The focus is on strategic areas of youth development: leadership, education, community service, mentorship, and character development. The educational, research-based initiatives are designed to help remediate and accelerate math skills and core literacy. Children are also educated about health and wellness, financial literacy and other pertinent issues.

A STEM-based technology education program gives children access to computers and the Internet at an instructional media center. They are given an opportunity to become digitally literate, learning word processing, how to research and other key skills.

All the children in the program also participate in volunteering and community service. They participate in team-building activities and attend seminars to build their self-esteem and motivation. The children who participate in programs like this will help to promote positive change in Jamaica and break the cycle of under-achievement.

Money for the Mission: The Role of Medical Cannabis In Combating Jamaican Poverty

Jamaica’s change in attitude towards medical cannabis will stimulate economic growth and legal job creation while reducing the incentives for criminal activity. There is an increasing demand worldwide for medical cannabis, and the Jamaican government is partnering with entrepreneurs to provide the opportunity to grow cannabis for medical purposes legitimately.

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